Our Tenants

All Souls Bolton is proud to be home to three local organisations that share our heritage, community, and education aims. Here’s a little more about our tenants:

Manufacturers’ Alliance

The Manufacturers’ Alliance launched in 2013 and consists of groups of leaders from the UK manufacturing community that meet on a monthly basis to help each other achieve their personal and business ambitions. For some, this is a continuous personal development journey, others it is managing a high growth business. Whatever the reason for joining an Alliance group, the outcome will benefit members and the growth of manufacturing in the UK.

Our experienced Chair People not only facilitate the meetings but take an active interest in the growth of the UK manufacturing industry. They share your passion for the ‘made in the UK brand’ and very much want to see success in the room.

The Manufacturing Alliance model is not a new concept. Mastermind type groups have been in operation for decades. Many famous people in manufacturing, such as Henry Ford and Andrew Carnegie have utilised this type of group working on their own journey to success. For those of you that have read ‘Think and Grow Rich’ you will fully understand the concept.

Although the model is not a new concept, our approach is unique. We are the only peer groups operating in the UK with a dedicated focus on the manufacturing industry and its leaders. We also develop a culture within our groups that has led to sharing at a very deep level – a level that will transform your thinking and your business.

More info: https://www.manufacturersalliance.co.uk/

Guide to Finance

We understand too well how debts can change lives and impact loved ones and that’s why we are here to help. We understand when debts mount up we don’t always know which way to turn and more often than not we make decisions that dig us deeper in to debt. Did you know that you could be entitled to write off up to 75% of your debts?

Guide To Finance are here to assist, we will not push you and will always ensure your experience with us is remains informative and useful. We are here to assist and find a solution that fits and will guide you along the way to a debt free future. Our service to you is provided free on a no obligation basis and you have full freedom to take the advice and formulate your own journey to debt freedom. We guide you to a solution but leave the decision up to you. We have a wealth of experience behind us and our friendly and helpful attitude will pleasantly surprise you, let us GUIDE you to a better financial future today. Guide To Finance works alongside reputable debt solution providers; selected carefully from industry leaders who share our principles. Any solution will endeavour to get you on a path to financial stability.

Find out more: http://www.guidetofinance.co.uk

Halliwell Local History Society (HLHS)

HLHS are a local history society with a steadily growing membership. They are a wealth of information on history Bolton and hold extensive archives of photographs, documents and artefacts. In partnership with All Souls Bolton, HLHS are looking to expand and to attract members from younger generations . On 9th Feb 2017 HLHS launched their heritage centre on the ground floor of All Souls.

Find out more about Halliwell Local History Society: http://www.halliwell-lhs.co.uk/


Cinnamon Bean Cafe

Part of R & K Catering, Cinnamon Bean joined All Souls at the start of July.  As a Halal Approved supplier they offer fantastic food at amazing prices.  From panini’s and sandwiches to hot food.  They also will provide our buffets for venue hires.  Open every weekday 10am until 4pm.  Pop down and relax in our unique space.



The Flowhesion Foundation (Virtual Tenant)

The Flowhesion Foundation is primarily about shaping the communities we want to live in tomorrow. It’s about promoting community cohesion and integration whilst encouraging the rule of law, British values, individual liberty and mutual respect. We believe it can all come together regardless of our religion, culture or identity and we call this fusion Flowhesion! We are terribly passionate about partnership and collaborations and have set ourselves a high bar for delivering them. This ensures that we are able to work with our partners in innovative ways. Our Team comprise of individuals that are leaders in their respective fields and our knowledge, experience and networks are unparalleled.

Find out more: http://flowhesionfoundation.org.uk/